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About Bones for Life®

Bones for Life® is a movement-based program that promotes stronger bones using natural movement and weight-bearing postures. Created by Ruthy Alon, a student of Moshe Feldenkrais, this program is unlike any other movement therapy available today.

The uniqueness of this program lies in its use of weight-bearing patterns to teach a safe transmission of force through the skeleton without causing shearing stress in the joints. This force is produced in walking or standing, and when it can stream through your body effortlessly, it produces a more efficient, economic walk. 

The movement processes taught are fast-acting and easy to learn. They are designed to promote optimal health and well-being through skeletal alignment, weight-bearing, and safe transmission of force through the arms, legs, spine, trunk, and pelvis.

These safe and enjoyable movements encourage bones to be strong and sturdy while improving posture, balance, flexibility, and coordination.

Based on the strategies of organic learning from the Feldenkrais Method®, it is designed to deprogram counter-productive patterns of movement and posture and replace them with more efficient and harmonious ways of moving.

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