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What are the Ortho-Bionomy® sessions like?

  • A safe, clean space where you can relax and reconnect with your body.

  • Typically sessions last one hour. Clients wear loose, comfortable clothing to allow a maximum range of motion.

  • I work with you to identify your areas of discomfort, tension, and pain and help you to move towards experiencing more comfort and ease in your own body.

  • Gentle movements, comfortable positioning, and compression are incorporated into the work. No forceful movements are used. Every session is specifically designed around your individual needs.

  • I will rely upon your verbal feedback to find the movements and positions to facilitate your body's release of stress and tension.

  • If some additional postural work is needed, I may suggest and show you gentle movement exercises to further enhance the neuromuscular re-education process. This will complement and empower you to interact with your own internal communication process to gently restore balance.

  • Changes don't always happen overnight. Give yourself a few days for your body to digest and process the work you received. Getting to know and understand your body is a process, and scheduling another session may be necessary if needed.

  • If, after a series of sessions, you are not experiencing significant improvement and what I have to offer is not serving you, I will refer you to someone who may be more suitable for your particular needs.

Ortho-Bionomy® is a registered trademark of the Society of Ortho-Bionomy® International, Inc. and is used with permission.


- Client Feedback -

Dear Anne, I just wanted to thank you again for the time you took to give me an Ortho-Bionomy® consultation. Your knowledge, caring and expertise in body alignment, mechanics, and therapies helped me to understand better what is going with my chronic knee and hip pain. You communicated this clearly and made me feel like I was in capable hands. After our session, I did feel better in the areas that continually cause me trouble.

What touched me most was your genuine care and concern for my well-being. You didn't try to sell me a package, but rather, informed me of my choices and advised me on what I could do to improve my condition. I truly appreciated this approach. Thanks again and feel free to use me as a reference

Warmly, Christine

St. Augustine, FL

Client Feedback - Ortho


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